IPv6 at w.ods.org

How to make it work ?

To set up an IPv6 web site, you need 3 important things : The reverse proxy approach has several advantages : The downside of this solution is that the reverse-proxy has to rewrite several headers which could contain 128bits addresses not understood by a pure IPv4 web server. For example, I had to replace [2001:7a8:363c:.*] with w6.ods.org in the Host and Referer fields.

Architectural overview

  • The IPv4 client comes from the internet and tries to connect to the
    firewall's address, which is redirected to the reverse proxy by address
  • The IPv6 client comes from the internet through the external firewall
    which lets HTTP/IPv6 traffic reach the reverse proxy. There is no translation
    here since each host can have its own address.
  • The reverse proxy, bound to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses handles the request,
    rewrites what needs to be modified and forwards it to the Apache web server
    using the IPv4 protocol.